More and more companies depend on a safe and uninterrupted flow of critical information such as web and
e-mail traffic. Securing these information assets and the underlying infrastructure is therefore paramount. Given the number of security incidents that make it to the front pages every day, implementing and maintaining a secure environment is harder than it appears to be.

No worries. We can help you pulling off that task! We assist you in creating a secure computing environment, making sure that your employees can continue their work safely yet the attack surface for evildoers becomes small and stays small. To aid your company with securing your company assets, Interconnect-IT can provide specialists in the field of:

Security projects
, both for technical and administrative solutions.
The topics that our security staff are trained in are, among other things:
  • Designing and implementing security policies and security processes
  • Performing vulnerability scans
  • Hardening Windows clients and servers
  • Designing and implementing security infrastructures and software
  • Designing and implementing and mentoring security awareness programs

All of our project staff members possess a minimum of seven years of security experience as well as several security certificates relevant to the projects they get assigned to, such as the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) and renowned Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certificate.

Security training
. This type of training can be provided in two different ways:
  • In-house training courses, in which the course content, length, location and number of practical exercises is tailored specifically to the client's wishes.
  • Using certified training centres, which can hire Interconnect-IT staff to give the training for them.

All of our trainers have the Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) certificate, guaranteeing a trainer skilled in transferring intricate information in a crystal-clear and interesting fashion.

Interested in the services we have to offer to make your company safe and get you in control of your information assets? Get in touch with us!

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