The World Wide Web contains a truckload of interesting security information, ranging from archives with ancient security documents all the way to the most recent advances in security protocols and security blunders. Below you can find a list of the websites that I think are worth browsing and reading. The list will be updated regularly.

Weblogs and newsletters

    - (Bruce Schneier's log)

    - (Mark Russinovich's blog)

    - (Mark Minasi's newsletter)

    - (Bruce Schneier's Crypto-Gram)


    - (ISC2)

    - (SANS)

    - (CERT)

    - (a very good CISSP exam preparation site)


    - (NIST Special Publications)

    - (Cryptology ePrint Archive)





    - (Portaal Informatiebeveiliging)

    - (Dutch security log, brought in an easy to understand manner)


    - (How not to implement security)

Security tools

    - (Top 100 Network Security Tools)

    - (Microsoft command line tools)

Vendor-specific sites

    - (The starting point for finding Microsoft security information)


Battling fraud

    - (Steunpunt Acquisitiefraude (SAF))

    - (KvK tips)